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If you have any questions or advices to use of the new catalogue please contact our librarians on phone 0395-5693-1510 or per E-Mail to Please also use our training program.


Information and notification letters will be sent via E-Mail.

Only university Computer Centre E-Mail addresses are valid for university staff and students. Please notify us of your E-Mail address at the issuing counter or via E-mail (name and user number) at:

Non-university users are also asked to provide us with an E-Mail address.

The following services are provided for all library users with an E-Mail address:

  • Information before loan expiry date (reminder) - seven days for staff, three days for students and public users.
  • Notification of overdue books (1st-3rd warning)
  • Notification of receipt of a reservation on a borrowing
  • Notification of availability of reserved books and Interlibrary Loans
  • Notification prior to the expiry of library membership (annually renewable user authorisation)
  • Information for new library users.

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